Flamingo rescued from fishing net in Mazara del Vallo

During the Ferragosto holiday, the coast guard from Palermo to Trapani deployed numerous soldiers, patrol boats, and rubber dinghies to ensure a safe mid-August break at sea. Soldiers from Mazara del Vallo rescued two stranded American sailors near the port. In another location, a beachgoer reported a pink flamingo entangled in a fishing net. The military successfully rescued the endangered bird and handed it over to the forestry police. Several boaters were fined for not respecting the 300-meter distance limit from the shore. In Palermo, dozens of personnel and vehicles were deployed to control the stretch of sea from Finale di Pollina to Balestrate. Nine fines were issued to unauthorized beach vendors, and nine fines were given for illegal parking. Camping tents on the beach also received fines. These efforts were carried out by the State Police and Municipal Police.

Salvato un fenicottero impigliato in una rete da pesca a Mazara del Vallo

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