Fixed positions at the Region of Sicily, a faded myth: over half of hires resign

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At this time, less than half of those called by the Sicilian Region accepted a permanent position. Even those who had previously participated in a specific and challenging competition three years ago refused to take a desk in the departments, finding governmental or private office positions more appealing. This phenomenon of declining permanent positions at the Region has been worsening over the past few years. On Monday, 216 winners of the recent generational turnover competition were called in the presence of President Renato Schifani. These candidates, who previously missed out on a D-category official position three years ago, were now called to fill vacancies opened up due to a turnover agreement. However, out of 216 candidates, only 106 accepted the positions, while the remaining 110 declined. This high rate of refusal in recent competitions had never exceeded 30%.

In the meantime, as outlined in the plan approved by Schifani a few days ago, two competitions will be announced for 79 positions (63 in economic financial profile and 16 in management control) and one for 110 executives.

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