Five young people identified after beating in park in Agrigento, claim they were defending themselves

A breakthrough in the investigation into the brutal attack reported by a fifty-nine-year-old man from Agrigento, who had told the authorities that he was beaten by a group of 5 young people after reprimanding them for driving recklessly with their car inside Villa Bonfiglio in the city center. The carabinieri have identified the five young people, three boys and two girls. Their positions are now under review by the Agrigento Prosecutor’s Office, although for the alleged offense of assault, a formal complaint is required.

However, the five young people have provided a different version of events from the fifty-nine-year-old. The young people have claimed to have defended themselves from the man’s attack, stating that he had allegedly thrown the first punch at one of the group. This version will need to be reviewed by investigators. Assistance could come from the area’s security cameras.

Translated from Italian, article from the Giornale di Sicilia newspaper.

Agrigento, picchiato nel parco: identificati cinque giovani, dicono di essersi difesi

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