Five individuals banned from entering Riesi bars at night for two years after brawl.

The Caltanissetta police chief, Pinuccia Albertina Agnello, has issued eight preventative measures against eight individuals who have engaged in serious anti-social behavior.

Five urban Daspas have been issued to individuals involved in a brawl in Riesi over trivial reasons. These individuals, arrested by the carabinieri, will be banned from accessing or staying in Riesi in the evenings and at night for two years.

A warning for domestic violence has been issued to a 22-year-old who was investigated for assaulting his mother and sister and reported by the Gela police.

A 51-year-old from Agrigento, previously reported for stalking a woman from Nissena, has been ordered to leave Caltanissetta and not return for two years.

Lastly, a verbal warning has been issued to a 24-year-old from Gela who was reported by the police for carrying a prohibited knife.

Since the beginning of the year, the anti-crime police division has issued 100 administrative measures, including 53 verbal warnings, 18 warnings for stalking and domestic violence, 17 urban Daspas, 11 mandatory removal orders, and one ban from sports competitions.

Riesi, locali vietati la sera per due anni ai cinque responsabili di una rissa

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