Fisheries: Shrimp prices plummet in Sciacca

The price of shrimp in Sciacca has been reduced by half in the last year and a half, from 30 to 16 euros for 6 kilograms of fish. This situation, along with other problems that will arise soon, will result in a difficult autumn for the sector. Shrimp represents 70% of the fish caught by Sciacca’s boats. The fishing fleet will remain in port until October 31st, which will lead to an abundance of product in November when demand decreases, resulting in low prices. The rising price of diesel fuel also adds to the industry’s challenges. In August 2022, diesel fuel for fishing cost 1 euro per liter, making it harder for Sciacca’s boats. The sale of fish is also not ideal as fresh fish is not sufficiently appreciated. The high cost of diesel fuel and the low sales make it difficult for the sector to cover expenses. An improvement is needed to overcome these challenges and support the fishing industry.

Pesca, crolla il prezzo del gambero a Sciacca

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