First GDScuola stop at Sperone-Pertini Institute: students meet director Romano

One of the most anticipated events for young people is here: GDScuola has arrived at the Sperone-Pertini institute in Palermo, where middle school students have been engaged in creating content as part of the project. The students tackled topics such as the beauty of the city, their school, and the issue of drug use in the neighborhood, and their work was published in today’s newspaper. The project concluded with a meeting with the editor-in-chief of Giornale di Sicilia, Marco Romano, who emphasized the importance of accurate information and the need to verify sources. The students were provided with the tools to navigate the world of media and were encouraged to think critically. The principal, Antonella Di Bartolo, highlighted the value of this experience in helping the students develop their expressive abilities and cultivate awareness of themselves and their surroundings.

Prima tappa di GDScuola all’istituto Sperone-Pertini, l’incontro tra gli studenti e il direttore Romano

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