Fire near a shopping center in Bagheria: an open-air landfill in flames

An fire broke out last night between via Maresciallo Aiello and via Parisi, in a field near The Bagh shopping center in Bagheria. The firefighters have not yet completely extinguished the blaze.

The flames engulfed a sort of open-air dump where furniture, iron materials, and various types of waste had been piled up. Several teams of firefighters, carabinieri, and police officers intervened.

A thick column of smoke rose in the area. Thanks to the firefighters’ intervention, the flames did not spread to the building housing the shopping center, stopping at the edge of the parking lot. Investigations are underway to determine the causes of the fire, which appears to be almost certainly deliberate.

Photo by il Pungolo Bagheria – Aspra e dintorni

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