Fire in Palermo, Romagnolo pier in via Messina Marine on fire

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The Romagnolo pier in Palermo caught fire: around 7pm a pile of garbage was set on fire, which then attacked the structure, which over time has become a shelter for the homeless. Residents raised the alarm, as they saw a column of smoke rising into the air.

“The Municipality must take charge as soon as possible of this site to decide what to do with it – highlights Giovanni Colletti, councilor of the second district – if it needs to be demolished, let it be demolished. Otherwise, the Municipality should take care of cleaning and fencing off the site effectively. This is a situation that cannot be ignored any longer. The case needs to be definitively resolved.” It seems that the homeless people living in the structure are out of danger. Residents alerted the fire department.

Incendio a Palermo, a fuoco il pontile di Romagnolo in via Messina Marine

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