Fire and fear in Sciacca: restaurant “Al Porticello” engulfed in flames

A massive fire caused serious damage to a restaurant in Sciacca: the Al Porticello restaurant on the waterfront in the Stazzone area went up in flames, with smoke filling the streets. When the alarm was raised, several teams of firefighters from the Agrigento provincial command and the Santa Margherita Belice detachment arrived on the scene.

According to initial reports, a gas cylinder that firefighters had just removed from the kitchen also exploded. The blast caused a loud noise and luckily, no injuries were reported. The intense heat caused the roof to collapse, resulting in significant damage to the restaurant. As a precaution, nearby businesses and homes were evacuated, and law enforcement personnel were called to the scene. The large columns of black smoke were visible from various parts of the city.

Fuoco e paura a Sciacca: in fiamme il ristorante «Al Porticello»

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