Fire and fear in Monreale: two cars destroyed by flames, another damaged

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“Frightening moments in Monreale, where two cars were engulfed in flames and completely destroyed. It happened in via Baronio Manfredi, where the fire spread within minutes, involving the two vehicles parked on the street. It involved a Ford Focus and a Fiat Punto, but the flames also damaged a third vehicle parked a few meters away.

The worst was avoided by the firefighters, who arrived at the scene after residents in the area noticed the street filled with black smoke. The carabinieri of Monreale also arrived at the scene to conduct investigations to determine the cause of the fire: arson is not being ruled out.

Another incident was reported in the province of Agrigento: in Licata, the car of a married couple was set on fire on via Torregrossa. A resident saw the flames and immediately alerted the authorities. The firefighters extinguished the fire and the carabinieri identified the owner of the vehicle.

The authorities questioned the married couple, a 67-year-old man and his 60-year-old wife from Licata, to see if they had noticed anything suspicious in the days leading up to the incident. No one noticed what was happening during the night of the fire.”

Fuoco e paura a Monreale: due auto distrutte dalle fiamme, un’altra danneggiata

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