Fire and fear in Biancavilla, house fire at elderly couple’s home: saved by two neighbors

Fear in Biancavilla for a large fire in the home of two elderly people. It happened in Poggio Rosso street, where an apartment on the first floor of a building caught fire. The fire spread within minutes, engulfing everything: the husband and wife were trapped, but the smoke reaching the street alerted the residents of the area who immediately sounded the alarm.

Two young neighbors, in the meantime, didn’t hesitate and, once they found a ladder, managed to reach the balcony of the apartment and enter one of the rooms. Amidst the smoke and flames, they managed to locate the two elderly people who, in their fear, couldn’t free themselves. They helped them to get out, thus saving them. The paramedics arrived on the scene and provided medical care to the couple. The man was in shock, both of them showed symptoms of smoke inhalation, but are not in serious condition.

At the scene of the fire, two teams of firefighters arrived and extinguished the flames, securing the area, which was meanwhile closed to traffic to allow for the arrival of rescuers and the start of investigations by law enforcement. According to initial investigations, the fire was caused by a malfunctioning gas cylinder. The malfunction would have triggered the flames. Serious damage to the apartment, inspections are ongoing to assess its habitability.

Fiamme e paura a Biancavilla, rogo nell’abitazione di due anziani: salvati da due vicini di casa

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