Finnish tourist raped in Trapani, trial begins for four young men from Ribera

The trial for the sexual assault suffered by a 27-year-old Finnish tourist in Trapani has started at the Trapani court. Four young men from Ribera, also tourists, are accused of abusing the victim in July 2022, who reported them. During the first hearing, the Carabinieri of Trapani who conducted the investigations were heard. The scene of the incident was an apartment in a residence where one of the accused was staying. The victim, according to the Carabinieri’s reconstruction, had moved there with the four men after meeting them at a beach party. At dawn, accompanied by the Carabinieri to whom she had turned and reported everything, she went to the emergency room.

After being identified by the Carabinieri, the four were placed on the list of suspects. Against them, all with no criminal records or prior convictions, there was only a report from the Carabinieri of the Trapani company who handled the case, coordinated by Deputy Prosecutor Antonio D’Antona.

Only one of the young men had made spontaneous statements, assisted by a lawyer from Sciacca. The victim, when questioned by the judge and investigators, had ruled out that she had willingly gone to the residence and had consensual sexual relations. The images from the cameras of a restaurant in the historic center where the victim, along with her friends and the alleged attackers, had met while dining, were acquired.

The investigators also heard some witnesses present at the restaurant. After dinner, the four men from Ribera, the girl and her two friends, had moved to a beach club on the Dante Alighieri waterfront to continue the evening together. At some point, however, the victim’s two friends had preferred to return to the bed and breakfast in the historic center where they were staying, leaving her in the company of the young men they had just met. The investigators also heard witnesses present at the beach club that evening.

Turista finlandese violentata a Trapani, al via il processo per quattro giovani di Ribera

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