Final motion of the ANM against the separation of careers in Palermo: “It’s not about a bad reform”

The article discusses the final act of the national congress of the Anm in Palermo, where a clear signal is sent to Minister Carlo Nordio regarding a reform proposal that the magistrates oppose. The article also highlights the political tensions surrounding the judiciary system in Italy, with references to Matteo Salvini’s comments on the judiciary being a “caste” and Giuseppe Conte’s criticism of the government’s perceived authoritarian shift in justice reform. The article also touches on the upcoming European elections and the political parties’ positioning on justice reform. Opposition parties criticize the government’s approach to reforms, while the majority coalition emphasizes the importance of passing autonomy laws before the elections.

Giustizia, a Palermo mozione finale dell’Anm contro la separazione delle carriere: «Non si tratta su una riforma cattiva»

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