Fight outside a venue in Enna: kicks, punches, and even tables fly

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Screams, insults, and punches. Chaos broke out in Enna, on via IV novembre, in front of a bar where some young people were. First a heated argument, then violence erupted: a brawl broke out causing panic among passersby and residents in the area who immediately alerted authorities.

Tensions escalated to the point where some witnesses reportedly saw one of the young men involved flipping over tables outside the pub. Several emergency calls were made to the 112 emergency number: police officers arrived at the scene and managed to apprehend one of the young men. The others managed to flee, but investigations are ongoing to identify them and reconstruct what happened. This is yet another episode of violence in nightlife areas in Sicily.

In Palermo, recent incidents have put residents on edge, especially those in the city center. Of particular concern is what happened over the past weekend, when gunshots were fired after a fight on via Isidoro La Lumia. The incident was captured on cell phones by residents living just a few meters from the Teatro Politeama and via Libertà. This area, frequented by young people and home to dozens of bars, is now in the spotlight.

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