Fight against the mafia, restored Peppino Impastato’s farmhouse in Cinisi

The Peppino Impastato farmhouse in Cinisi, where the political activist and journalist was assassinated by the mafia on May 9, 1978, has been restored and returned to the community. This morning, the inauguration ceremony took place with the President of the Region announcing the free use of the site to local associations engaged in safeguarding the memory of the anti-mafia struggle. The restoration project was carried out by the Regional Superintendent of Cultural Heritage in Palermo and funded with resources from the 2020-2024 Development and Cohesion Fund. The works included masonry consolidation, electrical system installation, and the creation of a transparent polycarbonate parallelepiped inside the barn where traces of blood were found, symbolically preserving the memory of the crime. The President of the Region emphasized the government’s commitment against organized crime, highlighting the importance of education on legality in schools. The brother of Peppino Impastato also spoke at the inauguration, expressing his plans to use the farmhouse as a place for exhibitions, debates, and concerts to keep his brother’s memory alive.

Lotta alla mafia, restaurato il casolare Peppino Impastato a Cinisi

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