Fiat former employees in Termini Imerese, transition to Pelligra: 350 workers kept, uncertainty for remaining 190

In Palermo, the procedure for the transfer of the industrial area once owned by Fiat in Termini Imerese from Blutec to Pelligra Italia Holding has started. This was announced in a joint statement by Samuele Lodi, national secretary of Fiom-Cgil and responsible for the mobility sector, and Roberto Mastrosimone of the national Fiom-Cgil.
“The Pelligra group – explain the two trade unionists of Fiom – has expressed its intention to act with a redevelopment plan of the areas from a real estate perspective and, consequently, to establish a logistics and industrial/production hub, involving 350 workers out of the total of 540 currently employed by Blutec. As Fiom-Cgil, together with other trade unions, we have reiterated that a general framework agreement must find a solution for all Blutec employees.”
According to Fiom Cgil, “the path that the Pelligra group could take is to employ all 540 workers. This is also based on the 30 million euros from the 2022 Stability Law of the Sicilian Region, which can be used for specific active and passive policies for Blutec. The Pelligra group has expressed its willingness to achieve this overall objective. It is evident that further investigations and commitment will be necessary to resolve all possible technical difficulties to implement the political trajectory that all actors at the discussion table fully agree on. Particularly to identify what could be the possible and most appropriate tool to protect the 190 workers who will not be part of the industrial/production plan.”
The extraordinary administration and the related extraordinary lay-off will expire on November 4, 2024. “It is clear, therefore – Lodi and Mastrosimone conclude – that the coming weeks will be crucial to continue the discussion, deepen the industrial plan themes, and resolve those issues that are still unresolved today, especially in relation to the Ministry of Labour. The path initiated today is an important one in order to definitively and completely resolve the longstanding dispute of Termini Imerese. Fiom-Cgil will continue consistently working towards achieving the goal. Partial solutions will not be possible. The general agreement must be conclusive and protective for everyone. Despite today’s meeting being formally related to the procedure under art. 47 for the transfer from Blutec to Pelligra of the Termini Imerese plant and direct employees, we have nevertheless emphasized that simultaneously with this procedure a solution and protection must be found for the former subcontracted workers.”

Ex Fiat di Termini Imerese, avviata la procedura del passaggio a Pelligra: 350 operai nel piano produttivo, un rebus gli altri 190

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