Fiasconaro in New York with Chocolate Wall Street Bull: Tribute to Sculptor Arturo di Modica

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A reduced-size reproduction of the famous Charging Bull of Wall Street, made entirely with Sicilian chocolate. This was the surprise of the master pastry chefs Fiasconaro at the Italy pavilion of the Summer Fancy Food in New York, the leading trade fair for the North American food sector, which turned out to be a success. A creation dedicated to the renowned Sicilian sculptor, Arturo Di Modica, and a tribute to the city itself, for which the “Charging Bull” represents an important symbol of strength and renewal. It is also a true consecration for the company from Castelbuono, in the province of Palermo, which has once again confirmed its role as an ambassador of high-end Italian pastry in the world.

“This project represents the culmination of a crazy idea born from my friendship with Maestro Di Modica, with whom we decided to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the internationally famous sculpture with a reinterpretation in chocolate,” explains Nicola Fiasconaro. “This work pays homage to an undisputed genius, but above all, to a great emperor of Sicily who has managed to create a symbolic bridge between Italy and the United States. Today our ambition is to turn this bridge into a real business catalyst to boost our Made in Italy agri-food sector even beyond the ocean.”

The chocolate bull was presented in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture, Francesco Lollobrigida. The work was also strongly supported by the “Friends of Arturo Di Modica” Association. During the event, the establishment of the “Friends of Arturo di Modica” association in New York was officially announced, a non-profit association through which the artist’s friends want to continue to keep alive the cultural legacy of the artist through exhibitions, events, and activities with private and public entities, contributing to the preservation of the artist’s works currently in New York City and around the world. The association will also offer scholarships to young sculptors. Last year, a marble plaque was donated to Eric Leroy Adams, Mayor of New York, made in Castelbuono, certifying the authorship of the Charging Bull, saying: “The statue is a creation of the sculptor Arturo Di Modica, who arrived in New York in 1971 to live and work. This work is a gift from Arturo to the city of New York, brought to Bowling Green on October 20, 1989 as a symbol of America’s strength and its values.”

Fiasconaro a New York con il Toro di Wall Street di cioccolato: l’omaggio allo scultore Arturo di Modica

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