Federico II Study Center unveils peace coin in Rome

The article talks about the presentation of the international project “For Cultural Diplomacy and World Peace” at the Circle of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in Rome, along with the presentation of the book “The Italian Embassy in India” edited by Ambassador Gaetano Cortese. The project aims to promote intercultural and multicultural dialogue and the values of peace through conferences, meetings, and concerts in Rome, Palermo, and Bordeaux.

The importance of cultural diplomacy in promoting understanding, combating prejudices, and fostering collaboration and peace is highlighted by the president of the Federico II Study Center. The article also mentions the presentation of the “Augustale,” a new honorary award granted by the center, which reproduces the peace coin of Frederick II, a famous and beautiful coin from the European Middle Ages.

The article concludes with the presentation of the International Federico II Award and the Federician seal to Ambassador Gaetano Cortese and the editor Giovanni Battista Colombo for their contributions to the study of Italian embassies worldwide.

Il Centro studi Federico II presenta a Roma la moneta della pace

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