Fear at the Corri Catania event: 9-year-old girl gets lost in the crowd, found by the carabinieri

Fear for a couple of parents from Catania who, during the Corri Catania, the event that took place today on Via Etnea, saw their 9-year-old daughter disappear for more than ten endless minutes. Thousands of people were participating in the event, causing a lot of confusion.
Immediate intervention from the motorcyclists of the Carabinieri radiomobile unit of Catania who, already in the vicinity to ensure the correct conduct of the event, immediately started searching for the girl, finding her on Via Pacini.
Once the little girl was found, she herself gave her father’s phone number, who, when contacted, reached the Carabinieri and was reunited with his daughter, relieved and grateful to the military. The mother was able to do the same, a few minutes later.

Paura alla Corri Catania, bimba di 9 anni si perde tra la folla: la ritrovano i carabinieri

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