Family of Daniele Breganze, carabiniere who died on A20, feel lost without him

Explain to me in short the following article:

“«I was so happy that you had finally realized yourself, had become a great man and a great carabiniere, had found the love you had been searching for your whole life and everything you had always desired, now you’re not here and we feel so lost and alone».

Strong and moving words, those of Antonino Viola, cousin of the Palermo carabiniere Daniele Breganze, who died on Monday, April 29 in a tragic road accident along the Palermo-Messina motorway. Daniele was returning to his city, Palermo, where he would soon be moving. In the car he was traveling in were luggage and personal effects, which the young carabiniere was bringing to his hometown. He was engaged and hoped to soon get married. In the meantime, he was serving in Calabria, at the Arena station, a small center in the province of Vibo Valentia: yesterday the municipal administration paid tribute to the young carabiniere.

“I want to have only beautiful memories and sensations of you in my head because thinking of you in another way would completely destroy me and I am sure you would never want that, I know how much you cared for me, how much you supported me and how much you believed and will continue to believe in me even from up there and I will do everything I can to make you proud of your little cousin – Antonino continues -. and I will give everything of me to achieve all my goals, knowing that when that moment comes you will celebrate with me and I will feel that you are close to me and inside my heart until the last day of my life».”

Daniele Breganze was esteemed and remembered by those who knew him as a good guy and a brave man of the Carabinieri. Friends have started a fundraising campaign to help the family cover expenses.”

«Senza di te ci sentiamo persi»: il ricordo dei parenti di Daniele Breganze, il carabiniere morto sull’A20

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