Family beaten and robbed, incriminating videos identify two young individuals in Canicattì.

Two criminals who kidnapped, beat, and robbed a family in Canicattì didn’t manage to escape for long. The two wrongdoers tricked the family into opening their door and once inside, they brutally attacked the husband, wife, and son. Threatening them with a large chain, they forced the family to reveal the location of their hidden money and stole 2,000 euros. The incident caused great fear and panic for the family. The three family members, aged in their 60s and 30s, were hospitalized for the injuries sustained, with a prognosis of five to seven days. The crime took place the day after Ferragosto in a house on Via Trabia in Canicattì. The news was only made public yesterday by the local police in order to not compromise the investigation. Yesterday, the perpetrators of this heinous act, a 26-year-old unemployed woman from Canicattì and a 25-year-old Ukrainian man, were identified and reported to the Agrigento Prosecutor’s Office. They will face charges of robbery, personal injury, and weapon possession.

Derubano e picchiano una famiglia, i video incastrano due giovani a Canicattì

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