Fake lawyer scams woman in Capaci, claiming her son is in prison, demands money to release him

A 45-year-old woman from Capaci, Palermo, was approached by a man claiming to be a lawyer who stated that her son was in prison due to being involved in an accident. The man requested money for bail and to enable a quick release from the penitentiary. Panicked, the woman gave him around €16,000 in cash and jewelry. Once he had the money, the fake lawyer left. This is just one of many similar scams occurring in the city and province. In Caccamo, the mayor warned citizens about fake police officers or lawyers requesting money, leading to the discovery and departure of two attempted scammers. Dozens of these scams have been reported in Palermo, prompting investigations by the military and mobile police units. The technique remains consistent, with victims receiving phone calls and subsequently encountering lawyers or imposters claiming to be police or military personnel, who request money or jewelry for the release of their incarcerated loved ones.

«Suo figlio è in carcere, mi dia i soldi per farlo uscire», finto avvocato truffa una donna a Capaci

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