Extension and new notice for scooter operators in Palermo

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New public notice in Palermo to select the three operators that will offer the electric scooter service and a new extension for the currently ongoing experiment. This is provided for by a managerial determination of the Mobility Area of the Municipality which takes into account a decision of the Regional Administrative Court.

This is a repetition of what has already happened two other times. The last time, on February 6th, when the Municipality was forced to reformulate a previous public notice (after the appeal of two excluded companies). Now the administrative judges have urged the Municipality to include among the requirements, to participate in the expression of interest, that of having “already operated for at least 12 months, continuously, in the Municipality of Palermo”. Pending the publication of the new public notice, the currently operational experimentation service has been extended until the end of the next month. With the previous notice, the Municipality had identified three operators: Bird, Link, and Helbiz. Each operator must ensure (every day, 24 hours a day) the activity from a minimum of 500 to a maximum of 1,000 scooters. The assignment of the service cannot last more than five years. The Municipality’s goal is to reduce city pollution levels.

Monopattini a Palermo, proroga e nuovo avviso per gli operatori

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