Ex-vice mayor of Custonaci accused of favoring mafia boss

According to investigations by the anti-mafia police, former Deputy Mayor of Custonaci (Trapani), Carlo Guarano, allegedly relied on the support of Mario Mazzara, a reputed mafia member of the “family” in Custonaci, during the 2018 municipal elections. In a wiretapped conversation on January 23, 2022, Mazzara mentioned that they had supported an assessor (government official) who happened to be Guarano, and that they had rotated their support for him after two and a half years. Guarano, in association with mafia members, discussed the distribution of food vouchers and job sites. In another wiretapped conversation on April 3, 2020, the former deputy mayor spoke with a mafia member about the distribution of food vouchers during the pandemic and the beneficiaries. Thanks to Guarano, Giuseppe Costa, another member of the Custonaci mafia family who was arrested in the recent operation, was employed in job sites with a payment of 2,618 euros, as he was employed through the Trapani employment office where Guarano worked. Guarano himself called Costa to the municipal offices to instruct him on the application process and personally visited Costa’s home to inform him of his inclusion in the job sites.

Mafia: per l’accusa, l’ex vicesindaco di Custonaci favoriva il boss

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