Evan, a small child, killed in Rosolini, life sentence confirmed for mother and stepfather

The Court of Appeal of Catania has confirmed the life sentence for murder of Letizia Spatola, 25 years old, and Salvatore Blanco, 33 years old, the mother and stepfather of Evan, the one and a half year old boy who died in Rosolini on August 17, 2020. The sentence of July 22, 2022 of the Court of Assizes of Syracuse was confirmed.

According to the accusation, the child would have died from the injuries inflicted by the man in front of the mother who never intervened. The severe “cardiorespiratory insufficiency from bronchopneumonia from aspiration” would be attributable to injuries suffered by the minor, as stated in the autopsy report.

Il piccolo Evan ucciso a botte a Rosolini, confermato l’ergastolo per la madre e il patrigno

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