Erg transfers Priolo combined cycle power plant to Brown2Green Sicily for plant management

Erg, through its subsidiary Erg Power Generation, has completed the sale of its entire capital in Erg Power, owner of the Priolo Gargallo combined cycle gas-powered plant in Sicily, to Achernar Energy. The newly formed company, B2G Sicily (Brown2Green Sicily), will manage the cogeneration plant. The sale is in line with Erg’s transformation towards a pure wind and solar business model and its goal of achieving net-zero emissions. The new company aims to develop and grow the industrial site in Priolo by implementing new projects in decarbonization and the green economy. Giancarlo Bellina, former CEO of Erg Power, will lead B2G Sicily. The Swiss investment company Achernar Assets, led by CEO Corrado Agusta, and Achernar Energy, chaired by Simone Mallardi, are invested in maximizing the potential of the existing asset and creating a story of development and growth.

Erg cede ad Achernar la centrale a ciclo combinato di Priolo: per gestire l’impianto nasce Brown2Green Sicily

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