Eolie, swimming on dolphins’ route to protect the sea

The article talks about a successful swimming event organized to raise awareness and protect the marine life of the Aeolian Islands. The event, part of the Eolie a nuoto project, involved swimming around Panarea Island for about 7.7 km, with professional swimmers spotting a group of 10 dolphins during the swim. The initiative, supported by Filicudi Wildlife Conservation and various sports associations, is part of the European project Life Delfi led by CNR (National Research Council). The project aims to research and monitor dolphins, involve fisheries in conservation efforts, and raise awareness about marine conservation. The ultimate goal is to establish a marine protected area to safeguard the ecosystem and its inhabitants. The swimmers also pulled a plastic bottle during the swim to symbolize the challenges dolphins face due to lack of protection in their feeding and breeding areas. Participants included Monica Blasi, president of Filicudi Wildlife Conservation, Italian swimming champion Giulia Noera, Stefano Salvatori from the Institute for Environmental Research, and Enza Spadoni from the Sant’Anna School in Pisa, focusing on environmental sustainability.

Eolie, a nuoto sulla rotta dei delfini per salvaguardare il mare

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