Eolie islands facing crisis in maritime connections due to 40km/h Sirocco wind

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In the Aeolian Islands, the sirocco wind is causing disruptions to maritime connections and isolation due to winds exceeding 40 kilometers per hour. Ships and hydrofoils have been halted since yesterday afternoon due to the suspension of some scheduled runs, including the evening ferry. The violent gusts of wind have caused rough seas in almost all ports exposed to the sirocco (since yesterday, hydrofoils have been docking in the alternate port of Punta Scaliddi in Lipari) and have damaged vineyards, especially on the main island, Salina, and Vulcano. Antennas and awnings on some houses have also been swept away. The weather does not look promising for the coming days, confirming that the islands’ ordeal is not limited to the winter season.

Tomorrow – according to forecasts – the weather conditions will improve before worsening in the evening, but connections could remain relatively regular. On Tuesday, conditions could deteriorate further, with probable difficulties for the more distant islands and longer routes, and some potential challenges in connections with Milazzo.

In short, March confirms itself as a crazy month. The weather: cloudy, temperature 17 degrees, humidity 54%, very strong wind of 42 km/h, situation at 8 am today, March 10th.

Eolie, lo scirocco mette in crisi i collegamenti marittimi: vento a 40 chilometri orari

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