Enna doctor arrested for abuse of 14-year-old patient denies allegations

The doctor from Enna, who was arrested and placed under house arrest by the police on January 27th on charges of sexual assault against a 14-year-old girl under his care, has declared his innocence. Defended by lawyer Giovanni Palermo, the doctor faced an interrogation by the same Enna judge who approved the precautionary measure, Giuseppe Noto, maintaining his innocence. Investigators seized phones and computer devices, which will be analyzed by an expert.

“Kudos to the teachers who reported the dangerous situation to the appropriate authorities,” writes the Diana anti-violence center in Enna, part of the Co.Tu.le.Vi association. “If the investigation was successful – they continue – it is thanks to the teachers at the girl’s school who listened to her outburst.” The anti-violence center, while expressing solidarity with the victim, emphasizes that “fortunately, there is a healthy part of civil society in Enna that is able to react to events that could possibly have been avoided.”

Enna, respinge le accuse il medico arrestato per abusi su una paziente di 14 anni

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