Enna, cement wall built near Lombardia Castle to be demolished

The cement wall built next to the Lombardia Castle in Enna will be demolished. This decision was made by the Superintendent, closing a dispute that started weeks ago after the beginning of the requalification works around the ancient fortress. Various associations, archaeologists, scholars, and ordinary citizens have protested against this cement work. The work was supposed to involve the reconstruction of the road ring around the castle, which was supposed to be made of concrete and covered with Custonaci stone. The Superintendent’s prescription, sent to the Municipality a few days ago, also includes reducing the steps of the staircase next to the wall leading to the square in front of the castle. Currently, the castle is not visitable because the entire path has been closed off, causing inconvenience to tourists.

Enna, il muro di cemento costruito a ridosso del Castello di Lombardia sarà abbattuto

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