Election: Many withdraw from being poll workers in Palermo- voting stations at risk, meeting at prefecture

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A few hours after the polling stations were set up in Palermo, many people gave up the role of scrutineer. Out of 2,400 selected, over 1,700 have declined the appointment letters sent by municipal police officers. Despite the amount of work, two days of uninterrupted voting and counting for 110 euros, many have sent back the appointment. The issue was the focus of a meeting at the prefecture.

Tomorrow morning (June 8), people can show up at schools to take on the role, but there is a risk of repeating the chaos that occurred during the 2022 elections, when many polling station presidents were also missing. The municipality’s electoral office has been working for months to form the polling stations. This year, employees have had to deal with too many resignations. Efforts are ongoing to fill the gaps in the 600 sections that still need coverage. In 2002, 174 scrutineers and polling station presidents did not show up at the polling stations. Among them, 60 were later reported because it was discovered that they preferred to watch the Palermo-Padova playoff final, which guaranteed the rosanero’s promotion to Serie B on the evening of June 12, 2022.

Elezioni, tanti rinunciano a fare gli scrutatori a Palermo: seggi a rischio, vertice in prefettura

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