Elderly man’s home targeted with fireworks and trash in Florida

An elderly man in Floridia was the victim of vandalism by some teenagers in the area of the public park. The mayor of the city of Siracusa, Marco Carianni, reported the incident. In the past few nights, there have been episodes of fireworks and garbage bags being thrown against the man’s window. The police are investigating thanks to the use of surveillance camera footage.

“In the meantime, as we deepen the analysis of the footage we have received to forward them to the judicial authority, in which we can observe fireworks and garbage bags being thrown – said the mayor – it would be appropriate for some parents to dedicate themselves to the education of their children and less to their phones, before someone loses patience and tragedies may occur. To the teenagers, I invite you to dedicate yourselves to studies, sports, and healthy socialization because these are the fundamental elements to structure and develop your personality.”

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