Drugs and explosive sticks found in Siracusa, two arrests made

Explain to me briefly the following article:

“Over 700 grams of drugs and eleven explosive devices seized and three people arrested. This is the result of the “High-Impact” operation by the police, carabinieri, and guardia di finanza in Siracusa that targeted a widespread drug dealing area located in multiple apartments on largo Luciano Russo. The area was protected by a sophisticated video surveillance system used by drug dealers to monitor the entire area. On a terrace, to counter the actions of law enforcement, there was also a guard dog.

Carabinieri, financial police, and police officers, assisted by their respective K-9 units, searched several apartments, finding and seizing a total of 426 grams of cocaine and crack, 80 grams of hashish, 200 grams of marijuana, packaging and weighing material, in addition to 535 euros believed to be proceeds from drug dealing. Eleven explosive devices were also found, which were taken by the bomb disposal experts of the Catania Police who certified their dangerousness.

During the operation, two men aged 27 and 44, both with police records, were arrested. All the seized materials will undergo laboratory testing. The dog was entrusted to the veterinarians of the Asp of Siracusa as it appeared clearly malnourished. The arrested individuals, after the formalities, were taken to prison as ordered by the judicial authority.”

Droga e candelotti esplosivi scoperti a Siracusa, due arresti

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