Drug dealer arrested in Catania with 61 kilograms of drugs congratulates the police: “You hit the jackpot”

He used a disused car, left inside a multi-storey car park in the center of Catania, as a deposit for drugs: this emerged from investigations by the Falcons of the Mobile Squad of the Catania Police Headquarters, who arrested a 34-year-old man for trafficking in marijuana, hashish, and cocaine and seized over 61 kilograms of narcotics, valued at approximately 500 thousand euros.

The man was stopped by the police after exiting the car park with a black bag that, the officers later discovered, contained three kilograms of marijuana. In the car, the Falcons of the Mobile Squad then found 53 kilograms of marijuana, around five kilograms of hashish, including blocks and ovals, two grams of cocaine, and materials for packaging doses.

The drugs, according to investigators’ estimates, would have had a market value of approximately 500 thousand euros. During the investigative phases, the 34-year-old congratulated the police officers by telling them, “You hit the jackpot.”

The man was arrested and, after the formalities, on indications from the Prosecutor’s Office, he was taken to a prison. The judge validated the arrest, applying the measure of pre-trial detention in prison.

«Avete fatto bingo», spacciatore arrestato a Catania si complimenta con la polizia: in auto aveva 61 chili di droga

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