Drought emergency in Caltanissetta: “City is dry and only silence from the Region”

The water crisis continues in Caltanissetta, where some areas have been without water for 11 days despite the resumption of distribution. Mayor Roberto Gambino is in constant contact with Siciliacque and recently sent a note requesting an urgent meeting with the President of the Region, from whom he has not received a response. In the letter, the mayor emphasized the need for a solution to the water supply issue and stated that if the problem is not resolved by today, he will request water tankers to be sent. The mayor also expressed frustration with the lack of response from the President of the Region, urging him to exercise his role to ensure citizens’ right to clean water.

Emergenza siccità, il sindaco di Caltanissetta: «Città a secco e dalla Regione solo silenzio»

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