Driver arrested in Messina for not stopping at police checkpoint and throwing gun out window

During a road traffic checkpoint, the carabinieri ordered a twenty-year-old man from Messina with previous criminal convictions to stop, but he instead accelerated and fled towards the northern outskirts of Messina, sparking a chase that fortunately ended without consequences with the arrest of the young man (placed under house arrest), accused of illegal possession of weapons and ammunition, resistance to a public official, and receiving stolen goods.

During the pursuit, the young man threw a 7.65 caliber pistol with three bullets inserted out of the window. He also had eight other bullets on him. The carabinieri of the Ris of Messina will investigate the possible use of the weapon, stolen in 2016 from a house in Enna.

Non si ferma all’alt dei carabinieri e getta la pistola dal finestrino, arrestato a Messina

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