Doctors’ testimonies in Messina Denaro trial revealed they treated him without knowing his true identity: Tumbarello charged

The article explains that two doctors from Trapani claimed they only found out after Matteo Messina Denaro’s arrest that he was actually the patient presenting himself as Andrea Bonafede. The doctors, Francesco Bavetta and Giacomo Urso, were interrogated by magistrates trying to reconstruct the fugitive boss’s whereabouts. They stated that Alfonso Tumbarello, another doctor, wrote prescriptions and ordered tests for Messina Denaro while knowing his true identity. The prosecution also discovered that Messina Denaro was directed by Giovanni Luppino to undergo an urgent colonoscopy in November 2020, with Luppino taking care of him for years. Luppino had a note with Bavetta’s name, the same doctor the boss had seen in 2019. Messina Denaro confirmed that Luppino had recommended the doctor to him.

«Curammo Messina Denaro ma non sapevamo chi fosse», i verbali di due medici al processo che vede imputato Tumbarello

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