Discovery of a greenhouse with over 400 marijuana plants, two arrests in Vittoria

The police in Ragusa, Italy, have arrested two individuals from Vittoria, aged 65 and 55, for production and possession of narcotics with intent to distribute. The investigation involved extensive surveillance and monitoring of the suspects, who were seen frequently entering and exiting a farmhouse in Vittoria. This raised suspicions that the building may be used for drug-related activities. A search confirmed these suspicions, as a hidden underground room was discovered containing a sophisticated drug laboratory with 438 cannabis plants weighing a total of 147 kg. The laboratory had specialized lighting, ventilation systems, and fertilizers. There was also evidence of illegal electricity connections. The large quantity of narcotics, once sold on the black market, was estimated to be worth around one million euros.

Scoperta una serra con oltre 400 piante di marijuana, due arresti a Vittoria

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