Diletta Leotta and Martina Colombari arrive at the Aeolian Islands with mega yachts.

The article talks about Diletta Leotta returning to the Aeolian island of Vulcano to finalize preparations for her highly awaited wedding on Saturday, June 22. It also mentions a possible move of her husband Loris Karius from Newcastle to play in Italy for Como, a newly promoted Serie A team. The article also discusses the presence of luxury yachts in the area, including the Aurelia and Queen Miri anchored near Panarea, as well as the Queen Victoria spotted between Stromboli and Panarea. It also mentions the La Luna sailing yacht and the Unus yacht in the area.

Alle Eolie arrivano Diletta Leotta e Martina Colombari, in mare anche i mega yacht di magnati miliardari

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