Diakité gifts Mignani first victory as Palermo beats Südtirol 1-0, secures sixth place and will face Sampdoria at Barbera.

The article describes a football match between Palermo and Südtirol, where Palermo secured a 1-0 victory thanks to a goal by Diakité. The victory ensured that Palermo finished in sixth place, with one point ahead of Sampdoria. The article also mentions the upcoming playoff matches and the promotion of Como to Serie A. The match was described as typical of the season, with slow play and individual initiatives. The article also highlights key moments of the game, including missed opportunities and near-goals. The article concludes by discussing the upcoming challenges for Palermo, including motivation for the next match against Sampdoria. The match details and player performances are also provided.

Diakité regala a Mignani la prima vittoria: il Palermo supera 1-0 il Südtirol e chiude al sesto posto, giocherà al Barbera con la Sampdoria

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