Decay in Palermo’s Ungheria Square arcades, as roadworks face obstacle after obstacle

The degradation and abandonment of Piazzale Ungheria in Palermo continue due to bureaucratic delays and the halting of construction work. The failure to grant parking spaces for Coime’s vehicles by Amat has forced a stop to the ongoing interventions. Amat had requested a payment of 1,400 euros for each parking space. After a meeting with the municipal Mobility Councillor, Maurizio Carta, the issue has supposedly been resolved and work should resume on October 16th. However, the overall problem remains unresolved. The Coime representative, Francesco Teriaca, explains that they have started dismantling structures and plan to continue working on refurbishing the portico. They have already prepared a safety plan and identified the workers for the job, with the interventions expected to be completed in a few weeks. Meanwhile, residents continue to write to the local newspaper, urging for cleanliness and decorum. The marble columns of the portico have been covered with wooden boards for ten years, which was meant to be a temporary solution but has become permanent. The portico has become a gathering place for gatherings, noise disturbances, and even drug dealing. The residents and merchants’ committee were promised a refurbishment, but discussions now only revolve around placing new boards that will soon become dirty and dilapidated. In reality, the issue appears to be more complex. There is a technical problem with the structural integrity of the portico pillars and intervention is required to secure them. Thankfully, there is no immediate risk of collapse. The municipal Historic Center department has developed a safety project involving steel tubes to reinforce the structure. However, it is necessary to determine whether the responsibility for intervention lies with the municipality or private entities. This is the only issue that needs to be resolved.

A Palermo i portici di piazzale Ungheria nel degrado, ma i lavori passano da intoppo a intoppo

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