Debut EP “Devoted” by Beatrice Quinta, from Palermo

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A pop star made in Sicily who from tomorrow will be Devota: the debut EP of Palermo native Beatrice Quinta is coming. Six tracks with an introspective flavor for the singer born in 1998 who, in 2022, came in second place at X Factor with her original song Se$$o. “I am devoted – says the artist – to myself, to music, and to art. This work is the tip of the iceberg of an internal process: I analyzed myself from the outside and tried to be honest about what I loved to do and what hurt me.”

And so the singer returns in a new guise, showing a new and more aware side of herself, the result of deep introspection. “There is crystallization of a moment – continues Beatrice – that of my life between Palermo and Milan. I realized that in order to aspire to be a good person, I must be devoted to myself and then to others.” Almost as if the artist was sending a message of self-determination, of resilience and faith, exorcising the darkest and hardest moments of life to make free choices. “It is an introspective journey – explains the singer – I believe I have grown a bit. A few years ago I could have written these songs but probably I would not have had the courage to choose these pieces for the EP. In some ways, this work makes me fragile, I talk about my real life with the need to be honest.” Honest and musically more mature, Beatrice Visconti (her real name), with these six tracks opens a new chapter in her life, which follows the debut – in 2015 – at Sanremo Giovani with the song Paulette, and then becoming a true pop star with Se$$o, in 2022 and up to this latest work with an intimate flavor. “In all my musical phases there is a part of me – concludes Beatrice – but in different ways and stages. I am the same person, but completely different. With Devota, I have returned to being a child, music becomes a real outlet, as if it were therapy. I wrote these songs because I needed to write them.”

Devota, Ep d’esordio per la palermitana Beatrice Quinta

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