David Messina, pioneer of sports journalism and creator of transfer market reports, dies, leaving a void.

David Messina, dean of sports journalism and a prominent figure in soccer, has passed away at the age of 92. For 15 years, he was also the president of Glgs-Ussi Lombardia, the group of sports journalists who announced his death, expressing their condolences for the loss of a “master” of the profession.

Originally from Palermo and with a degree in law, David Messina began his career in sports journalism as a local correspondent for Tuttosport in Sicily, before moving to Milan due to his professional qualities. He worked for La Stampa, Corriere dello Sport, and then Gazzetta dello Sport, where his byline was always prominent in the soccer pages. “The title of ‘master’ is mainly due to him being one of the pioneers, if not the inventor, of transfer market reports in times long gone – as noted on the Glgs-Ussi Lombardia website. Also noteworthy is his participation as an author and host on sports TV programs, as well as being the author of books on soccer-related topics.”

Il giornalismo sportivo perde un maestro: è morto il palermitano David Messina, inventò le cronache del calciomercato

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