Da Capossela and Bollani, from Crepet to Alice: here is the lineup of the BarbablùFest in Morgantina.

The BarbablùFest, a cultural festival in Sicily, will feature eight diverse events including music, theater, and dialogue sessions. The festival will take place from July 22 to August 5 at the Archaeological Park of Morgantina and Villa Romana del Casale. Artists such as Vinicio Capossela and Stefano Bollani will perform, showcasing a mix of genres and styles. The festival aims to highlight the historical and artistic significance of the sites as well as provide a platform for renowned artists. The event is expected to attract locals and tourists, offering a unique cultural experience in a beautiful setting.

Da Capossela a Bollani, da Crepet ad Alice: ecco il cartellone del BarbablùFest di Morgantina

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