Cuffaro returns to voting after 14 years: “A great emotion”

After 14 years Totò Cuffaro has returned to vote. The former President of the Sicilian Region and national secretary of the New DC, who served a seven-year sentence for aggravated favoritism to the Mafia, after being rehabilitated and the ban from public office lifted, was able to exercise his right to vote again. This morning (June 9) he went to vote at the polling station in his hometown, Raffadali, in the province of Agrigento.

“After 14 years – Cuffaro said at the polling station – I am back to vote, emotional and certainly aware of the responsibility and power that is exercised with a pencil in hand and inside the ballot boxes. I chose to wear my good suit, the one for the party in memory of my father, our fathers and the founding mothers who, through a referendum, chose democracy, leaving us all an immense gift.”

According to Cuffaro, “the exercise of the vote is the outpost of democracy, guardian of a policy of values, lifeblood and nourishment for everything that matters because the right to vote is the only true defender of freedoms.”

“Today – he added – I returned to a polling station imagining that one day it will be my nephew accompanying me. After 14 years I am back to vote believing more and more in the justice that rehabilitates, in the rule of law that prevails and asserts its constitutional principles with strength. And as a free man, after 14 years, I felt important.”

Cuffaro torna a votare dopo 14 anni: «Una grande emozione»

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