Cristian Imparato makes a comeback on Io Canto Family: duet with Benedetta Caretta and ecstatic audience

Cristian Imparato has returned to the program that made him famous. It was January 9, 2010 when the audience of Canale 5 first heard the prodigious child sing. Just 14 years old at the time, Cristian Imparato was chosen as a contestant in the first edition of Io Canto – a talent show on Canale 5 hosted by Gerry Scotti – giving millions of viewers breathtaking performances that remain etched in their minds to this day.

From that distant 2010 to today, Cristian Imparato has grown up and become a man with a business to run, which has nothing to do with music, and it seemed like his talent had been lost.

For this very reason, the audience was thrilled to see him back on TV, right where it all began, singing alongside Benedetta Caretta (his former companion on the show).

The young man from Palermo decided to surprise his friend and took to the stage of Io Canto Family to sing one of their signature songs, My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion, with the audience going wild and very positive reactions on social media.

Il ritorno di Cristian Imparato a Io Canto Family: duetto con Benedetta Caretta e pubblico in visibilio

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