Creation of first permanent safety at work table in Sicily by Cgil Cisl and Uil

In short, the article explains that a permanent consultation table for health and safety in the workplace has been established for the first time in Sicily. This was requested by the main trade unions in order to address the frequent and tragic incidents in workplaces. The goal is to promote a coordinated action among all parties involved, including the Labor Inspectorate and employer associations, especially in sectors such as construction, agriculture, manufacturing, ports, and logistics. The trade union representatives emphasize the importance of creating safer working conditions through prevention measures and risk perception. They also highlight the need for concrete actions to address the increasing number of work-related accidents and deaths. The article ends with a call for the swift ratification of a protocol on heat stress.

Cgil Cisl e Uil: istituito per la prima volta in Sicilia il tavolo permanente per la sicurezza sul lavoro

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