Couple in their twenties injured in serious car accident on Catania-Messina highway

A couple of twenty-year-olds from Biancavilla, for reasons still under investigation, this morning, from the highway would have made a fall of about 6 meters ending their run on the road below a bridge, in the countryside of Nunziata di Mascali.

According to what has been learned, the driver aboard a Citrôen, traveling on the A18 highway, at the height of the Mascali enclave of Tagliaborsa, would have lost control and crashed through the guardrail ending up on a country road.

In the impact, the driver of the car would have been seriously injured. The request for assistance was made on the spot and the 118 health workers arrived. The driver was rescued and then transferred by helicopter to Cannizzaro in Catania, where he arrived in critical condition. The passenger, who reportedly suffered less serious injuries, was taken to the emergency room at Sant’Isidoro hospital in Giarre.

The Polstrada of Messina intervened on the spot for the necessary investigations. Also, carabinieri from the Giarre Company and a team of firefighters from the Riposto detachment intervened in the street where the car fell.

Incidente sulla Catania-Messina, coppia di ventenni ferita: uno gravissimo in ospedale

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