Cop hit by car in Messina bypass: serious injuries

An officer of the highway police was hit this morning along the Messina ring road, just before the Tremestieri service station. The accident occurred between the San Filippo and Tremestieri exits. The motorists on the scene assisted the officer. Emergency services were alerted, and the ambulance from the 118 Emergency Service transferred the officer urgently to the Policlinico. According to initial reports, the officer is in serious condition.

The officer is from Messina, is 30 years old, and serves in Reggio Calabria. He was returning home on his motorcycle when he was involved in an accident. The driver who hit him reportedly fled the scene. The exact dynamics of the accident are still unknown. Investigations are ongoing.

Incidente sulla tangenziale di Messina, poliziotto in moto colpito da un’auto: è grave

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