Confiscated assets: Livatino cooperative’s vineyard set on fire.

The vineyard in Naro (Ag), consisting of 6,000 plants and managed by the agricultural cooperative Rosario Livatino – Libera Terra, was devastated by a fire. The land, confiscated from the mafia, was entrusted to the cooperative in 2015. The cooperative’s legal representative filed a report at the local police station to formalize the complaint. The damage caused is estimated at around 20,000 euros. Apparently, the fire spread to the vineyard from a neighboring property. The police have launched an investigation to clarify the situation and identify the arsonists. Just last June, the cooperative also suffered the destruction of 30 hectares of wheat fields due to a fire.

Beni confiscati, incendiato il vigneto della cooperativa Livatino di Naro

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